10 Romantic Jazz Band Standards for Your New York City Wedding

If you’re looking for that perfect, romantic soundtrack for your special day, there’s only one choice: jazz. Nothing says class, elegance, and romance like a jazz band at work.

If you’re not sure what jazz standards are suitable for your New York City wedding, we’ve prepared a list of ten of our favorites.

1. “What a Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong

Not only is this one of the best jazz songs for a wedding, but it’s also one of the best jazz songs – ever. Louis Armstrong’s biggest hit evokes powerful images of nature and sets a reflective and optimistic mood.

2. “You Do Something to Me” – Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald gives us a song of true romance. She sings the story of a woman who lost hope until she found her soul mate. It’s a classic love story and a lovely romantic addition to any wedding soundtrack. This song is perfect for the reception or when the bride walks down the aisle.

3. “At Last” – Etta James

Etta James joins Ella Fitzgerald in singing another song as perfect for the reception as the bridal march. The song goes, “At last my lonely days are over – at last my love has come along.” It’s a beautiful, timeless song of love and joy.

4. “Happy Feelings” – Groove

What’s a wedding without dancing? When it’s time to get people out on the floor, this “new” jazz song is accessible and inviting. It’s a perfect starter to the evening and a favorite of our New York City jazz bands.

5. “The Way You Look Tonight” – Frank Sinatra

Old Blue Eyes? Did anyone ever understand romance better? Let one of our bands play one of the most incredible wedding jazz songs ever written, “The Way You Look Tonight.” This is an excellent choice for the couple’s first dance.

6. “Breezin'” – George Benson

George Benson is another master of the jazz world, and his song “Breezin'” is an excellent choice for getting your wedding swinging. The song provides a look ahead and speaks to the rest of the couple’s life – and the sometimes difficult – road ahead.

7. “I’ve Got a Crush on You” – Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald is back on our list of jazz songs for your wedding with the superlative “I’ve Got a Crush on You.” Ella might be the queen of jazz, but she was for sure the queen of her lover’s heart in this hit. It’s the story of a persistent pursuer who wins out in the end – the perfect song for your jazz band to conclude your wedding reception with?

8. “You’re My Music” – Brian Culbertson ft. Noel Gourdin

Number 8 is another song as perfect for the reception as it is for the altar. Our jazz wedding bands love playing this one for a couple’s first dance.

9. “My one and only” – John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman

A song packed with some of the most heart-melting lyrics you’ll ever hear. If romance is your goal, let John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman set the mood during your reception.

10. “Because of you” – Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett closes out our list with his gentle jazz tune, “Because of You.” With lyrics like “Because of you, his romance started. And because of you, it will have no end,” it’s the perfect finisher to your New York City wedding – and to our list.

Would you like a jazz band at your New York City wedding? Let us help!

We would love to help you choose the perfect band and the perfect soundtrack for your wedding day. Just reach out to us.

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