3 Types of Live Bands for a wedding

Live jazz bands can provide an elegant and unique atmosphere for any wedding reception, adding a touch of class to the occasion.

Many live jazz bands are available in New York City, each offering a special style of wedding music. So, which is the best one for you?

  • Live Jazz Trio or Quartet

One popular option is a live jazz trio or quartet. This type of band consists of three or four musicians playing classic jazz standards and modern hits.

Live trios often include a piano player (or keyboardist), a bassist, and a drummer, while quartets often feature saxophonists and vocalists.

Live jazz trios/quartets can be customized to fit clients’ needs and create the perfect soundtrack for their wedding day!


  • Live Big Band or Orchestra

Another option is a live big band or orchestra. Live big bands and orchestras are perfect for large receptions. They typically feature at least eight to twelve musicians playing iconic jazz tunes from the past century.

Live big bands can also be supplemented with vocalists to add sophistication and energy to any wedding celebration!


  • Live Jazz Combos

Finally, live jazz combos in New York City specialize in providing smaller-scale musical accompaniment for intimate weddings!

Live jazz combos typically consist of three to five musicians (guitar/bass, drums, horns) capable of creating a unique atmosphere through their tight ensemble work and ability to evoke emotion with their music!


New York City has something to offer, no matter what type of live jazz band you’re looking for. They can provide an elegant and unique experience for wedding guests, making any reception unforgettable!

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