3 Ways to Know You Have Your Dream Band

When planning your wedding, there are so many choices at your disposal regarding the details of your special day.

How should you decorate the venue? What kind of foods will suit your guests? How do you find musicians that live up to your expectations for an impressive ceremony or reception?

Having a dream live jazz and swing band for your wedding celebration is an excellent way to ensure the music at your wedding is perfect! And here are three ways to know you have the perfect band at your wedding.



  • You Find Yourself Humming Their Songs All Day

One of the first signs that you’ve found the right musicians for your event is that you find yourself humming along to their songs!

The band will have such an impressive library of catchy tunes that their songs will likely be the only thing you want to listen to for weeks after your event.


  • You Can’t Wait for Them to Play Their Special Songs Again and Again

When you fall in love with a band’s entertaining repertoire, you know they’re the band for you! Because they have so many beautiful pieces, you won’t get enough of hearing them play.

Most live bands are always happy to play special requests for their guests. We’re sure you’ll love the band’s cover of these songs. You’ll definitely be dancing and singing along too!


  • Everything Else Feels Like It Is Falling into Place

Even if you had initial reservations about the band, they would feel like the perfect fit when everything else starts falling into place as you plan your wedding.

We understand you want everything to align with your idea of a perfect wedding, including the band’s music and the overall wedding theme. And sometimes, you might not realize this until all the wedding elements come together. Then you’ll understand the band you chose is indeed the best possible choice!

When you hire any band from Alex Levin Music Agency, expect sweet music that you’ll never want to stop listening to!

Our live jazz and swing bands know how to throw a party; the songs our bands play will help make your wedding an experience you’ll all recall with fond smiles! To reach us and enjoy the Alex Levin experience, click here!

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