4 Ways to Help Wedding Guests Mingle

Many of your guests probably won’t know each other, so it’s best to encourage them to interact and mingle with one another. Read on for five ways to help your wedding guests mingle!



  • Don’t Assign Seat Sides

Many receptions always have the bride’s family and friends on the left side and the groom’s on the right side, but we advise against this.

Not assigning sides encourages guests to sit beside people they may not know, which can spark conversations. So, let people pick a seat instead of assigning sides.


  • Serve a Family Style Meal

If you want your guests to mingle and talk, try serving the meals in a family-style manner. Passing around the food is a great way to get people talking to each other.


  • Create Games

Include some friendly games at your wedding to help guests bond. Some game ideas include bingo, cup pong, scavenger hunt, and even lawn games like corn hole and bocce ball.


  • Host a Cocktail Hour

Cocktail is always a great conversation starter! Many couples host the cocktail hour before the ceremony to encourage guests to talk and get to know each other better.


  • Music Does the Magic

Music is universal, and it helps people mingle. Play the right songs, and you will find your guests dancing the night away like they’re the closest of friends.

You can also plan a dance like salsa or line dancing to get everyone to dance and partner up with someone they don’t know.


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