5 Alternatives to The Waltz for The First Wedding Dance

It’s traditional for couples to have their first dance at a wedding. But some couples try something unique, like a waltz, to make it an extra-special moment!

But there are so many other options available! If a waltz isn’t your style, consider one of these five alternatives for your first wedding dance!

  • Foxtrot

The foxtrot is a classic ballroom dance that has graced many a wedding reception and offers couples the chance to show off their moves with its smooth, gliding steps!


  • Swing Dance

For those who love to cut loose, swing dancing is the perfect choice for their first wedding dance. Prepare for quick spins and traditional jazz-style steps to lively music!


  • Cha-Cha

Full of flashy footwork and fun rhythms, the cha-cha is a popular choice for couples who want to inject more energy into their first wedding dance!


  • Tango

The tango is the way to go if you prefer something a bit sultry and dramatic! This passionate dance has been used in many classic films and will make your wedding reception one to remember.


  • Line Dance

Line dances offer a unique spin on the traditional first dance that can bring everyone together on the dance floor.

Let guests choose from some of their favorite line dances, or create one special just for you two!


No matter which alternative you choose, your first wedding dance should be something special. So, pick an option that fits your personality to make your moment as magical and memorable as possible!

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