5 Best Jazz Band Covers

Looking for a list of Best Jazz Band Covers?  Well, look no further because Alex Levin Music (an NYC Jazz Band Agency) has provided a list of their favorite Jazz Band Covers.

The bands at Alex Levin Music have performed thousands of great songs.  Every now and then, they take time to videotape their upbeat and eclectic tunes. These five Jazz Band Covers will keep your feet tapping and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

1. The Lovesome: (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love with You:

Everyone remembers this haunting song, recorded perhaps most famously by Elvis Presley. In The Lovesome’s version, a quiet voice and guitar duet expand into a ravishing, layered performance that is both delicate and surprisingly moving.

2. Sarah King and The Smoke Rings: ‘Til There Was You

This cute melody was recorded by The Beatles on one of their earlier records. Here, Sarah King’s simple ukulele strumming, coupled with delicate piano and bass accompaniment, is surprisingly sweet and disarming. The cuckoo clock on the back wall helps create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Street of Dreams Jazz Band: After You’ve Gone

This track has the romance and appeal of a Woody Allen Jazz soundtrack. Recorded in a band member’s railroad apartment in Brooklyn, this swinging performance will make you wish you had remembered the tonic water last time you went shopping…if only you could mix yourself a Gin and Tonic! There is no question why this track made our list of Best Jazz Band Covers.

4. Love, Charley Jazz and Swing Band: It Had to Be You

Speaking of movies, remember how Harry Connick sang “It Had to Be You” in When Harry Met Sally? It’s really one of the best jazz standards, and Martina knocks it out of the park in this swinging, melodic tour-de-force. The song itself, Martina’s flapper-inspired dress, and the enthralling tune of the track will be a reason to get you up and dancing.

5. Alex Levin: Christmas Time is Here

Alex’s version of the classic Peanuts song will make you feel like Christmas came early this year. It’s a reminder of the timeless elegance of solo jazz piano.

Now that you’ve seen our list of the 5 Best Jazz Band Covers, feel free to request them when you hire an NYC Jazz Band from Alex Levin Music for your NYC Wedding.

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