5 Hidden NYC Jazz Clubs

5 Hidden NYC Jazz Clubs

 Jazz is a beautifully crafted genre of music that connects with listeners instantaneously and leads way to soul-searching. The lyrics and beats reflect elegance, finesse, royalty, and joy. As if that weren’t enough, Jazz has the ability to create an ambiance of celebration and happiness.  For the scope of this article, we will be exploring 5 hidden NYC Jazz Clubs and are concentrating exclusively on clubs that are both classic and legendary.

These five clubs made the cut due to their secrecy and top-notch Jazz performances by the renowned musicians that step foot on their stages.

1). The Grain

The true beauty and ambiance of Jazz are well pronounced here at The Grain. Located at 35 Union Square West – it’s an obscure speakeasy that has a conducive atmosphere for the great aesthetic of Jazz music. The fact that it is not visible and accessible to everyone makes it a royalty standard.

The performances by nostalgic live Jazz bands on selected days is an experience you don’t want to miss. Just imagine listening to beautiful music by cultured and experienced bands, while sipping your whiskey at will. Nothing sounds better.  While the bar is closed for renovation, they expect to be up and running by the Spring of 2018.

2). 55 Bar

Looking for a little Funk and Blues with your Jazz?  Well, this is one of the central focuses at 55 Bar, located at 55 Christopher Street. It is a joy to be present in such a lively venue.

Did I mention that 55 Bar is enthusiastic about showcasing the very best Jazz music at a truly affordable cost? Yes, now you are aware!  Step into this Prohibition Era Dive Bar to experience the music for yourself.

3). The Grange

The ambiance of this hidden NYC Jazz Club is modern and refreshing when compared to your typical rustic Jazz Club.  The Grange is most popular for being a delicious eatery and restaurant, serving up farm to table entrées such as the Pan-Seared Arctic Char and the melt in your mouth 16oz Porterhouse Pork Chop.

From the drinks to the addictive bar menu, The Grange hosts their Jazz nights on Sundays from 7 – 10 pm.  Located at 1635 Amsterdam Ave. in Hamilton Heights, Harlem – make sure you get their early enough on Sunday’s to secure a seat in time.  Oh, and did we mention that Streets of Dreams performed here?  That alone should be a reason to check out this spot.

4). The Manderley Bar

Located at 530 W. 27th St. inside the McKittrick Hotel, The Manderley Bar is a Jazz inspired concert hall and cocktail lounge with an intimate atmosphere.  When you arrive, make sure to try the famous cocktails such as the McKittrick Gimlet or the Rustylu.

5). Top of the Standard Hotel

The high caliber performances at the Top of the Standard Hotel will keep you coming back on a weekly basis.  When you leave the Top of the Standard Hotel, your “standards” will change when it comes to your Live Jazz expectations.  There is a reason why this made the list of ‘5 Hidden NYC Jazz Clubs’.

Top of the Standard Hotel is located at 848 Washington St. in Chelsea and is most notable for the vast number of famous musicians that have played at this prime location.  From performances by the Rob Duguay, to Isaiah Barr, all the way to the legendary Dana Herz – you will always hear the best of the best at the Top of the Standard Hotel.