5 Lovely Themes for A December Wedding In New York

If you dream of getting married in the most magical city during the festive season, then a December wedding in New York is perfect!

With New York’s charm and elegance, there are plenty of options for making your special day unique. Here we present five lovely themes for a December wedding in New York!

  • Winter Wonderland

Create a winter wonderland theme with white and silver décor elements, sparkling lights, and plenty of snowflakes! This look creates an idyllic scene to celebrate your special day.


  • Christmas Classics

Embrace all that is classic about Christmas with this timeless theme. Decorate with pine cones, red velvet fabric accents, mistletoe, and check-patterned plates – all in traditional holiday colors.


  • Rustic Holiday

Get a rustic feel with natural elements such as twigs, pinecones, and burlap accents. For added coziness, use warm lighting and holly wreaths to create a unique ambiance.


  • Snowy Cityscape

If you’re looking for something more modern and edgy, go with this! Embrace New York City’s iconic skyline with skyscraper backdrops, white snowflake decorations, and an icy blue color scheme!


  • Fairytale Romance

Capture the essence of romance with a fairytale-inspired theme featuring soft pastel tones, delicate floral garlands, and warm candlelight. This look will create a truly magical atmosphere that your guests won’t forget!


No matter your chosen theme, a December wedding in New York will surely be one of your most memorable days.

With plenty of options for any style or budget, it’s easy to make your special day unique and unforgettable. So, get creative and start planning the perfect December wedding in New York today!


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