5 Must-Follow Music Wedding Rules

Music is an essential part of every ceremony, especially at weddings. Different songs are needed at your ceremony to highlight specific moments, set the mood, and get people to dance.

Is your New York wedding right around the corner, and are you looking for the best music and entertainment? Here are some rules to follow!



  • Check With Your Venue

One thing many couples forget to do when planning wedding music is to check what the venue allows. Some venues have restrictions on certain songs and musical instruments. For example, if you are having a church wedding, you may need to talk to your officiant to see if there are restrictions or not.


  • Stay True To What You Like

There are songs, artists, or genres you may like as a couple. Is there a song that is meaningful to your relationship, a song you both like to dance to? Try to select songs you like to make the event feel more unique and personal.


  • Consider Your Guests’ Different Music Styles

Your wedding guests are probably people of different ages and backgrounds. Therefore, when planning your music, it’s recommended to select songs that will cater to guests of all ages. Of course, you can’t please everyone, but you can provide different songs not specific to any age group.


  • Think About Your Wedding Style/Theme

Sometimes, it’s the theme and style of your wedding that will determine the music you choose. For example, good classics will complement Vintage-themed ceremonies. And country music will work well with a barn wedding. Of course, you can also incorporate different genres to satisfy your guests.


  • Work With a Skilled Band/Musician

Good Band = Good Music = Good Wedding! One of the first things to do when planning the music for your event is to decide who will control the playlist.

Is it a band, a solo pianist or guitarist, or a small jazz trio? Or perhaps a combination of them? A skilled band can get and keep guests on the dance floor for hours!


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