7 Beautiful Tracks for A Valentine’s Day Wedding!

When it comes to live music for a Valentine’s Day wedding, nothing compares to the beauty of a live jazz and swing band! From New York City’s finest jazz players to pop and rock bands from all over the world, these seven awesome tracks are sure to bring an extra level of romance and joy to your special day!

  • “My Funny Valentine,” performed by Chet Baker

This timeless classic is perfect for that first dance between a loving couple on Valentine’s Day. The soft chord progressions and gentle crooning evoke all the sweet sentiments of love that make this day so special!


  • “The Look of Love,” performed by Diana Krall

A beautiful cover of Burt Bacharach’s timeless classic, this live version of the song is sure to bring a tear to your eye. The slow and steady groove has an easygoing feel that will fill the room with warmth.


  • “Valentine” performed by Aricii

Next, we have a pulsing tune bringing a modern edge to traditional jazz sensibilities. Perfect for an upbeat Valentine’s Day wedding reception, its driving energy perfectly captures all the joy and excitement of the day!


  • “Valentine’s Day Stomp” performed by Thelonious Monk

An old-school favorite from one of jazz music’s most beloved artists, this track comes alive when performed live in front of an audience. Its frenetic energy and jazzy flair will set the mood for a fun, lively wedding celebration.


  • “My Romance,” performed by Ella Fitzgerald

This classic standard is sure to evoke all the romantic sentiments of Valentine’s Day. Fitzgerald’s smooth vocals and beautiful phrasing create a magical atmosphere that will make any wedding memorable!


  • “It Had to Be You,” performed by Louis Armstrong

There are few things as timelessly romantic as an old-school love song like this one from Armstrong.

His unique delivery breathes new life into the familiar melody, making it perfect for a sentimental moment on your special day.


  • “Love Is Here to Stay,” performed by Billie Holiday

This gentle, melodic track speaks to the power of enduring love. Holiday’s beautiful voice and soulful delivery will make any Valentine’s Day wedding feel like a truly special occasion.


Whether you’re looking for live jazz music or something more upbeat, these seven awesome tracks will bring life and romance to your special day. The perfect soundtrack for your Valentine’s Day wedding awaits!

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