7 Reasons to Use Movie Songs at a Wedding

If you are planning a New York wedding, one of the best ways to make it an unforgettable experience is to incorporate movie songs into your celebration!

We recommend you book a live jazz band to help with this; someone who excels at what they do and is guaranteed to make your wedding an event to remember!

That said, here are seven reasons why you should opt for movie songs at your New York wedding! We know you’ll love them all!

  • Movie Songs Add Life to Any Celebration

Everyone loves a good tune, and movie soundtracks have some great ones! A live jazz band playing popular tunes from renowned movies will instantly energize your guests and get them dancing!


  • Movie Songs Bring Back Nostalgic Memories

Incorporating famous movie melodies in your wedding ceremony allows guests to relive their favorite moments from those films as they celebrate alongside you on your special day.


  • Movie Songs Provide a Unique Musical Experience

Choosing movie songs as your wedding music allows you to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. Your New York wedding will definitely stand out with the right soundtrack!


  • Movie Songs Can Add to The Atmosphere

You can easily create the perfect New York-style atmosphere with movie tunes that fit perfectly into your theme or color scheme.

Choose a few beloved movies and select their most iconic melodies, and everyone at your wedding will be humming along!


  • Movie Songs Can Set Any Mood

Depending on what kind of vibe you’re going for, there are plenty of options for selecting movie songs.

Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or make everyone laugh, the right movie soundtrack can help you set the mood.


  • Movie Songs Fit in Any Playlist

Whether you’re playing classical music during dinner or upbeat tunes for dancing, there is usually a movie song that fits! New York wedding guests will certainly appreciate the variety of tunes at your reception.


  • Movie Songs Are Timeless Classics

If you want your New York wedding to remain memorable for years to come, choosing classic movie soundtracks is a great option.

From classic Disney melodies to modern pop hits from blockbuster films, these timeless classics never fail to bring people together and get them singing along!


So, why not give your New York wedding that extra special touch by including movie songs? All you need is a professional live jazz band in New York; Alex Levin Music is ready to do this!

We’re one of New York’s best live jazz and swing bands giving couples the dream wedding they deserve! We’ll incorporate movie songs into your New York wedding and make it a day you’ll never forget.

Whether you opt for classic melodies from beloved New York movies or upbeat tunes from blockbuster films, the perfect soundtrack will make your celebration more enjoyable. We’ll be there to make sure it happens!

With Alex Levin Music, there’s no limit to what kind of atmosphere you can create at your New York wedding! So don’t hesitate to reach us if you want to end the year with a memorable wedding!