Choosing a Great First Dance Song

Once you have chosen a band for your wedding, it makes sense that you would like to request that the band accompany you during your first dance. It is so exciting–and slightly nerve-wracking–to anticipate your family and friends standing around you, as you twirl and swirl your way around the room. When it comes time to pick a first dance song, I have some suggestions that will help make your first dance especially beautiful.
1. Choose a simple song.
Whether it’s a classic melody from an old movie like “As Time Goes By” from Casablanca, a great Beatles tune, or even a Bjork song, Alex Levin Music’s Bands have played a huge variety of first dance songs at weddings. The greatest melodies–and therefore the best dances–have been the simplest of songs. Friends and family will appreciate your choice of songs, especially when it is familiar to them and pleasantly simple.
2. Keep it short.
A first dance is a magical moment, and it can sometimes feel intense. It is completely appropriate and wonderful to ask your loved ones to gather around for two to four minutes, but we suggest that you avoid drawing it out too long. After the ceremony, your family and friends are eager to celebrate with you, not just around you.
This brings us to one final suggestion:
3. Invite everyone to join you.
We love when people begin their first dance as a couple, and then extend an invitation to everyone to join them on the dance floor. It’s a great chance to bring everyone together at the wedding, and once people are up on the dance floor, we find that they are much more likely to keep on dancing.
Please feel free to reach out to us at any point during your wedding planning process to ask more about choosing a first dance song.