Turn It Up (?): The Importance of Choosing the Right Volume for Music at a Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, it is important to consider how the band will function over the course of the entire event. There are moments in weddings when you want the band front and center, like during the dancing part of the reception. At other times, however, the band is there to deliver an upbeat, gracious atmosphere, like during the cocktail hour. The last thing you want to have is a band with so much equipment and gear that it drowns out the conversations held at your party.
Experience has taught the groups at Alex Levin Music that the best idea for incorporating live music involves placing the band in a specific area of the party room and keeping the sound local. Those who wish to be close to the music will move close to the band, while others who wish to chat with new or old friends and family members might step away from the bandstand. We encourage clients to consider different zones of the event space with louder and quieter music, especially when guests are just beginning to connect or reconnect with other people at the party.
The more enjoyable the band’s volume, the more likely it is that your guests will enjoy themselves.