Four-Ever Yours delivers in the nick of time!

Four-Ever Yours String Quartet has long been known for their elegant, lush renditions of classical and popular favorites. This past weekend, a booking for an engagement party in Brooklyn came in the night before the event. Natalia, who leads the quartet, rallied her fellow musicians and made it happen. No sweat! This is the level […]

A Brief History of Ella Fitzgerald

When you hear the name Ella Fitzgerald, specific songs like Someone to Watch Over Me come to mind. Yet, her career was long and varied. Starting early in the jazz world and with big bands in the swinging era, she never stayed in one lane.  From bebop to pop music and blues, her voice was […]

Swing Bands and The Swinging Era

Swing bands were born before the great depression of 1929, but it was after the financial crisis that the music really started swinging (pun intended)!   The music must have thrown the “hep cats” parents for a loop.  The transition went from Ragtime and Medicine show tunes straight to the likes of Fletcher Henderson.  On […]

Who are the Best Jazz Musicians of All Time?

There is nothing more relaxing than sipping your favorite alcoholic beverage (whiskey if we’re sticking to jazz tradition) while listening to the sweet melody of your favorite jazz musician.  This is the most ideal way to unwind after a busy day. When I’m choosing a jazz musician to which to listen, I struggle to make […]

What’s the Difference Between Blues and Jazz?

Whether you’re new to the world of Blues and Jazz, or you’re a seasoned Blues and Jazz music lover; we’d like to share with you our take on the differences between these two genres.  While the two music genres have a lot in common, they also have traits that make them unique from one another. […]

New to Jazz? Here’s a List of Recommended Jazz Artists

Time and time again I have friends contacting me asking for a list of recommended jazz artists.  Some of these friends are already jazz enthusiasts, looking for fresh new sounds. The rest of these friends are novice jazz listeners, trying to break into a new world of music. Anytime we begin listening to a new […]

A Brief History of Jazz in New York City

At Alex Levin Music, we represent the best Jazz Bands NYC has to offer.  When it comes time to hire a jazz band for your wedding, corporate event or party; keep in mind that we have a large roster of bands from which you can choose.  Before you inquire about one of our lively and […]

NYC Wedding Band Reviews

When it comes to searching for the perfect NYC Wedding Band, you want to be sure you are getting everything your heart desires.  I mean let’s face it, a GOOD wedding band is an investment. It’s an important investment, too because this is your wedding day: one of the most important days of your life!!! […]

New York Wedding Bands: From Nightlife to Events

When you begin researching New York Wedding Bands, we at Alex Levin Music understand how overwhelming the process can be.  As an NYC Jazz Music Agency, we represent a wide assortment of NYC Jazz Bands perfect for any wedding, corporate event, or party of any kind.  A Jazz Band for Hire is what we specialize […]

NYC Jazz Bands – Alex Levin Music

INTRO If you are in the market for an NYC jazz band then look no further…Alex Levin Music is here to provide you the most luxurious, elegant, and eclectic Jazz/Swing music in all of New York City.  We have a long roster of NYC Jazz Bands.   Whether you’re looking to dance the night away with […]