Do You Need a Live Jazz Band at Your Summer Wedding?

Yes, you do! Hire a live jazz band if you’re looking for something different for your summer wedding. Jazz bands add an element of sophistication and elegance to any event, and they can quickly get everyone to hurry to the dance floor! Here are a few reasons to hire a live jazz band for your summer wedding!



  • Live Bands Excel at Setting the Right Mood

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a live band to set the mood for a wedding reception. Jazz bands have a way of evoking both romance and sophistication, making them the perfect choice for couples who want to create an elegant atmosphere on their big day.


  • Live Bands Add Flair and Excitement

A live jazz and swing band will add excitement and energy to your reception, keeping guests entertained throughout the night. In addition, jazz bands can entice anyone to dance if they’re initially reluctant to do so!


  • Live Bands Are Very Unique

Suppose you’re looking for something different from the typical wedding reception music. In that case, a jazz band is a great option. You’ll wow your guests with this unique form of entertainment!


  • Live Bands Can Be Customized

A jazz band can be customized to fit your specific musical needs. So, whether you want a trio or a full orchestra, a jazz band will be perfect for your summer wedding.


Also, booking a live band is a great way to support local musicians. When you hire a live jazz band, you’re getting top-notch entertainment for your wedding and also helping to support the local music scene!

Alex Levin Music would be happy to play at your summer wedding. We love everything summer brings, so performing at summer weddings is always a treat! We’ll play tunes and sweet music to take advantage of the festive season and ensure your wedding is wild and fun!

Which of our eight live jazz and swing bands will choose to entertain you and your guests? We have incredibly talented bands and musicians; you can’t go wrong with whoever you choose. They’re all guaranteed to make your wedding a celebration to remember! Contact us here today!