Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why should I choose Alex Levin Music?

Oh this one’s easy!  Our track record speaks for itself.  The Alex Levin Music Agency has provided top-notch quality service for over fifteen years.  We pride ourselves in providing a luxury service to all of our clients and couples. If you’re in the market for an eclectic Jazz Band or Swing Band, then Alex Levin Music is the right company for you.

We represent eight jazz/swing bands who each have their very own sound.  The diversity of music will allow you to choose the perfect sound for your event.  Our musicians love to play both in the background and the foreground. We bring forth a passion for both Jazz and New York City.

We are also excited to announce that we recently were honored with the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award.  This award is only given to those wedding bands who provide the best of the best service. To read more about the award, you can click here.

If you’d like to see our reviews for yourself, you can check out our profile on The WeddingWire and The Knot.

Q: What do the bands cost?

This is a question we get more often than not.  Compared to bigger agencies, Alex Levin Music provides valuable packages at a much lower cost.  We can’t provide a specific cost right now because each band comes with their own rates. There are so many factors that go into determining these rates: the location of your venue, the number of guests, and the number of instruments you request.

We are happy to provide you a specific quote if you submit an inquiry.  Click here to inquire with us today!

Q: What type of events do you play?

Alex Levin Music has been known to play a wide variety of events.  From weddings, to parties, to corporate events, to charities, all the way to NYC jazz clubs; our bands can pretty much play any place where people will be having fun.

Q: Who are our clients?

Do you hate cheesy wedding bands?  Well, so do we! For those who want luxury, elegance, sophistication, and a night of enthralling musical melodies – then Alex Levin Music is the music agency for you.  Our clients are lovers of Jazz, Swing, and Classical music. Our music registers with those who love NYC and cherish its rich musical history.

There is something special and of value when it comes to a live jazz performance.  Not only do we provide this value, we provide a quality service that will leave you and your guests humming for days to come.

The music our bands play is joyous and upbeat.  Each of our bands has a unique style. If you have any specific song requests, our bands are happy to accommodate these.  Our goal is to provide a luch aesthetic that leaves your guests with a smile on their faces. It’s an opportunity to mix celebration with relaxation.

We love all of our clients, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference.

Q: Who will be my point of contact?

The beauty of hiring Alex Levin Music is the support system you’ll receive.  Alex Levin himself will be your point of contact. Alex will communicate with the venue directly, in order to make sure the set-up is flawless.  He will also coordinate with the wedding band of your choice, so that all the logistics are worked out.

Let us handle the jazz band details so you can focus on enjoying your event.

Q: How far do you travel?

Our bands travel internationally; however, we focus on playing in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.  So, if you’re in any of those three cities, we can absolutely be there. If you’re outside those three cities, contact us so we can discuss your travel needs.

Q: What NYC wedding bands can we can choose from?

Alex Levin Music currently represents eight jazz/swing bands in NYC.  Our current roster includes:

The Evergreen Jazz Band, Four-Ever Yours String Quartet, The Smoke Rings, Love Charley, The Alex Levin Trio, The Lovesome, Street of Dreams Jazz Band, and The Ladybugs.

While these are our main jazz/swing bands, we feature new bands all the time.  When it’s time to inquire about which wedding band you’d like to perform at your event, we can share our entire list of available musical groups.  

Q: When do I need to book my event by?

It’s always to best book at least a year in advance for large events and weddings.  We say this because our availability tends to be limited due to how fast we are booking.  

We have accommodated short notices many times in the past.  If we have a band that is available to perform on your date, we will be glad to help with any short-notice request.