How to Hire an NYC Jazz Band For Your Wedding

When it is time to hire an NYC Jazz Band or Swing Band for your wedding, make sure to do some research about the group you’re hiring.

Playing at weddings is an art form. The band needs to dress appropriately, arrive early enough to calm the nerves of the wedding planner, and know in advance how to perform for guests of all ages.

Read The Reviews

Wedding review websites like and offer accurate and honest reviews of various wedding bands.  These reviews can calm nerves when it comes time to actually hire an NYC Jazz Band.

You can read comments by other couples who have hired a certain band, or you can reach out to the couples directly to get an even deeper review.  Everyone approaches this step in their own fashion.

If possible, see if you can find out about the band’s repertoire and style. You should look for a band that sounds fun and retro while still allowing the music to be danceable.

Know Their Energy

Each NYC Jazz Band has their own style.  The type of instruments played and how they are played will vary with each band.  Each group will also have their own particular energy.

Some groups will be lively, vibrant, and get the crowd on their feet.  However, other groups can come across as relaxed, calm, and down to earth.  When it’s time to select your NYC Jazz Band, make sure you have an idea of the type of energy you’re looking for.

Contact The Band

This is the most important step when it comes time to Hire an NYC Jazz Band.  Contacting the band will allow you to ask any and all questions you may have, especially in regards to the band’s style.

When you contact the band, have a list of questions ready to ask.  Whether it’s asking about the cost of the band, the number of musicians in the band, the amount of sets, the type of music played, or the attire worn on the night of the wedding…no question should go unasked.

This is your opportunity to also see if you have chemistry with the band.  You want to hire someone that you can communicate with well.  You’ll be doing a lot of coordination with this band and you want to feel secure when your wedding day comes.  The last thing you’ll want is an unreliable NYC Jazz Band that miscommunicates.

Below are three vital questions to ask your NYC Jazz Band when contacting them:

1. Is your band insured?

Believe it or not, many NYC Wedding Venues, including hotels and event spaces, require vendors to have liability insurance. This insurance can be expensive (in the hundreds of dollars) per event, so many NYC Jazz Bands remain uninsured, or they layer their insurance costs into their quotes. Alex Levin Music’s performers carry a million dollars worth of liability insurance.

2.  Do you provide your own sound system?

When you book an NYC Jazz Band, make sure that they know how many people are attending your event.  If the group is larger than 100 people, the band ought to provide a large enough PA system to allow their music to be heard throughout the event space. Alex Levin Music can provide adequate sound for up to 500 guests. And remember, nobody likes a band that plays too loudly. Tasteful music at a comfortable volume is the key.

3. Do you take requests?

If you have any special requests for your NYC Jazz Band, you should be sure to let the group know as early as possible. At Alex Levin Music, we take our clients’ requests seriously.  We strive to rehearse and perform the new songs in public, well ahead of your wedding day. Only the best NYC Jazz Musicians can make any song sound as beautiful as you imagine it to be.

Can you think of any other important questions worth asking? Be sure to share your ideas!

So when it’s time to hire an NYC Jazz Band…

At Alex Levin Music, all of our bands practice professionalism and etiquette.  With countless years of experience as NYC Jazz Bands, our bands have heard all questions.  They know exactly what couples are looking for on their wedding day.  So, when it’s time to hire an NYC Jazz Band…consider the variety of bands represented by Alex Levin Music.

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