Hiring A Live Band for Your Bar Birthday Party

High-quality live music is a great way to make your birthday more exciting and memorable. And hiring a live band is the best way to achieve this. So if you’re having a birthday in a bar or restaurant, below are a few tips to help you find the best live wedding band!



  • Seek Permission from The Venue Manager

Seek permission from the venue manager so that he can adequately coordinate affairs. This is necessary so that other events that may be taking place in other bar rooms won’t interfere with yours.

For example, suppose a dinner party is going on downstairs. In that case, loud music from your birthday party can ruin their event and vice versa. So, seek permission first before booking your musicians.


  • Take A Tour of The Bar

Take a tour of the venue beforehand and make mental notes of where your guests will be seated and where drinks will be served. Then, ask where your live wedding band can set up and where people will dance.

Once you’ve seen the venue yourself, it will be easier to answer questions the musicians might ask you before you hire them.


  • Strike Negotiation Terms

It is always an added advantage for bar managers if there is live music. It encourages people to stay longer and buy more drinks.

And since you will be paying for the live music, why not leverage on this and negotiate a discount on the venue’s price? Because everyone in attendance will enjoy your music.


Live music can make any event more special. Alex Levin Music is here to serve you timeless live music that cuts across genres! From swing to jazz, country, neo-soul, and more, our award-winning jazz wedding music and event bands always deliver a stellar performance. We’re ready to entertain and delight you on your birthday, wedding, or any intimate event!

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