How To Choose The Perfect Live Wedding Band To Fit Your Style

Hiring a live wedding band for your big day is essential for the wedding planning process. An excellent live wedding band will set the mood to enhance the whole celebration. Here are some tips to help you choose a great band for your wedding!



  • Venue

It’s important to have a venue before hiring a live band to play at the venue. What you want is a venue that can accommodate the band you want to hire. For example, if your venue is small, you may have to go for a band with few members.


  • Budget

Different bands have different prices depending on certain factors. For example, bands with more members tend to charge higher. Other factors include music style, location, and hours of performance. Set out a budget you can afford and find a band that can work with the budget.


  • Reviews

Before hiring a band, you may want to check out their reviews and testimonials from their past clients. In addition, many agencies have a  review section on their website to make it accessible to all.

You can also check out the social media pages to watch recordings from their past performance. This will help determine if a band is suitable for your event.


  • Genre

If you have a particular music genre or style that you want at your wedding, select a band that can deliver it.

Some bands already have their team split into different genres to make the hiring easier. You can also consider a band that can perform in different genres.


  • Meeting With The Band

Try to communicate and speak with your band to ensure they are the right fit for you. Be sure to provide the information on what you want for your event and clarify what’s written in the contract. Once you build a rapport with them and are on the same page, you can hire them.


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