Create a Soundtrack for Your New York City Wedding

A New York City wedding is more than a ceremony. It is the moment in time when two divergent paths come together and forever run parallel. In sickness and in health, until death do them part. A wedding is a story within your story. It is one of your life’s divine scenes, and it deserves a perfect soundtrack.

Our superlative jazz bands have the power to guide the experience of your guests. We can choose the music that paints the joy and sadness of a girl’s last dance with her daddy, and a woman’s first dance with her husband. We can weave a sense of love and warmth at your reception; and romance for the evening’s special moments.

Music’s power to uplift the spirits and help wedding goers settle into the evening is well documented. Numerous scientific studies have documented music’s ability to stimulate the brain into all kinds of emotions. This probably comes as no surprise. Many of us have had a song suddenly take us back in time and bring up the sensations in our memory.

When you hire one of our wedding jazz bands for your New York City wedding, we aren’t just asking you what pieces of music you would like to hear. We are going to ask you what kind of mood you would like to set. Then we will use our years of experience to make suggestions for the soundtrack that best fits the story of your wedding.  

Looking for a jazz band for your New York City wedding?

It would be our pleasure to talk to you about your special day and what you are looking for from a New York City jazz band. Tell us your story! We hope to join you on this momentous occasion and do our part to make your wedding day beautiful.