New York Wedding Bands: From Nightlife to Events

When you begin researching New York Wedding Bands, we at Alex Levin Music understand how overwhelming the process can be.  As an NYC Jazz Music Agency, we represent a wide assortment of NYC Jazz Bands perfect for any wedding, corporate event, or party of any kind.  A Jazz Band for Hire is what we specialize in! Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible, so you have time to focus on the vast amount of other NYC Wedding Planning tasks at hand.

Are you looking for a highly acclaimed NYC Wedding Band for your big day?  Have you been searching NYC Wedding Band Reviews? We are proud to have recently won the Couples’ Choice Award through WeddingWire–for the third time!  On top of this prestigious award, we have a wide range of incredible reviews from websites such as The Knot. Feel free to take the time and see what other couples are saying about Alex Levin Music.

Our NYC Jazz Bands each have their own sound, style, and vibe.  Not only do they play NYC Wedding Music, but they also are heavily involved in the NYC Jazz Nightlife scene.  The beauty of being involved in NYC Nightlife means you’ll have the ability to check out your favorite NYC Jazz Band before making a final decision.  You’ll be able to sip on your favorite cocktail while picking one of our great bands.

We are excited to announce that three of our bands will be playing weekly at The Seville Club at The James Hotel in NoMad.  Located at 29th and Madison, this NYC Jazz Venue is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day’s work.  With a superb cocktail bar, lounge-style seating, and music from diverse groups represented by Alex Levin Music; you can sit back and embrace the atmosphere.  Three of our New York Wedding Bands will be playing here on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Check out more info regarding these NYC Jazz Bands below:


Monday Nights from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

One of our newest bands will be performing at The Seville Club every Monday night from 7pm – 10pm.  Chika and the Starry Night brings forth a unique sound like you’ve never heard before. Looking for a romantic touch to your music?  Chika and Starry Night is anchored by Chika and her husband Tatsuya; their authentic love is reflected in the music. The band is comprised of musicians from Japan. Chika’s band also features the bassist Steve Whipple, who you might recognize from his work with Post-Modern Jukebox over the past few years.  So, when it comes to New York City Wedding Bands, consider Chika and Starry Night.

Tuesday Nights from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

One of our more popular New York Wedding Bands will be playing every Tuesday Night from 7pm – 10pm at The Seville Club.  Sarah King and the Smoke Rings offer a vintage jazz band vibe. When it comes to a Jazz Band for Hire…you need to consider The Smoke Rings.  Sarah King’s vocals and enthusiasm will have you wanting no other band for your special day.

In terms of NYC Wedding Band Reviews, The Smoke Rings are one of our most acclaimed bands with highly rated reviews.  They recently released their own album, featuring many of their most popular songs. You can check out their reviews on WeddingWire…you won’t find anyone who was disappointed with this NYC Jazz Band.

Wednesday Nights from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

The Ladybugs plays vintage music from the 1920s; however, at The Seville Club, their music changes quite a bit. The band is anchored by the incredible vocals of the talented Martina.  Instead of playing their typical tracks, they focus on playing Brazilian music. With all vocals sung in Portuguese, you can expect a unique sound that will have you wanting to dance the night away.  All the band members are also Brazilian which adds authenticity to the music.

When it comes to New York Wedding Bands, we strongly recommend taking the time to listen to Martina and The Ladybugs.   

Take the time to explore all three of these New York Wedding Bands.  Their jazz music will absolutely blow you away. NYC Wedding Music is a special art form because the sounds must capture the essence of romantic relationships.  It should also complement your wedding venue’s atmosphere.



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