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If you are in the market for an NYC jazz band then look no further…Alex Levin Music is here to provide you the most luxurious, elegant, and eclectic Jazz/Swing music in all of New York City.  We have a long roster of NYC Jazz Bands that will have guests of all ages dancing the night away!

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away with some upbeat swing music, or looking to have a calming soundtrack played during your Cocktail Hour…Alex Levin Music represents an array of NYC Jazz Bands, New York Wedding Bands, Philadelphia Wedding Bands, and Long Island Wedding Bands, Connecticut Wedding Bands, and NJ Wedding Bands (just to name a few of our the regions we play in).

With over a dozen professional, notable and acclaimed jazz bands under the Alex Levin Music roster, you’ll easily be able to find the right sound for your wedding.  The Alex Levin Music jazz bands include: The Evergreen Jazz Band, Four-Ever Yours String Quartet, The Smoke Rings, Love Charley, The Alex Levin Trio, The Lovesome, The Vipers, The B# Trio and Street of Dreams Jazz Band


Did you know that Jazz is the best genre of music for any wedding or event? Hiring a Jazz wedding band is scientifically proven to be the perfect way to help your guests relax and enjoy the event! An NYC jazz band is perfect for those looking to have upscale music at their wedding, corporate event, or party (of any sort).

Alex Levin Music can provide a wide range of NYC jazz bands for your event.  From a solo pianist, to a solo guitarist, to a jazz trio or quartet, all the way to a large ten-piece band; we can customize the groups to your NYC wedding music, corporate event music, or party needs!

Despite some couples preferring to hire a DJ, a jazz band can add luxury and elegance to your big event.  There is nothing more soothing than sipping a cocktail to the the alluring melody of a piano or saxophone. However, if a DJ is more your speed, we’ve got your covered and can put together a wedding music package for you!


Simple.  We pride ourselves in offering the most professional service in all of New York City. With over 15 years of experience, our work is characterized by pristine quality, passionate performances, proper communication, and an overall one-of-a-kind experience. 

It’s important to read reviews before you hire any particular service,. This is especially important when it comes to NYC Wedding Bands, Corporate Music, and Event Music.  That’s why we are proud to share our highly rated reviews and awards from the two most popular wedding review companies: The Wedding Wire and The Knot. We also remain on the preferred vendor list of venues such as Cairnwood Estate, Awbury Arboretum, James A. Michener Art Museum, The Picnic House in Brooklyn New York’s iconic Prospect Park, One North Broad Street, The Standard Hotel in NYC and many more!

We are also excited to share that we recently received the prestigious Couples Choice Award from The Wedding Wire!


When it comes to service and professionalism, we provide the best service in all of New York City (hands down!). Firstly, we consult with our clients to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Above all, our goal is to make your NYC Jazz Band vision come true. From choosing the right wedding band, to choosing the right instruments/musicians, to customizing your song playlist, to placing the band in the proper venue location to perform in service to the event, all the way to coordinating with your wedding planner and showing up early on the day of your event; we go above and beyond for all our clients.


Alex Levin Music only represents an NYC Jazz Band or NYC Swing Band if they are of superb quality.  Our roster includes highly acclaimed, highly rated, and highly prestigious NYC Jazz Bands from all over the Tri-State area.  If you hire a New York Wedding Band, Connecticut Wedding Band, New Jersey Wedding Band, Philadelphia Wedding Band or Long Island Wedding Band from our agency – you are guaranteed the best quality music.


Take a look at our roster or read our guide to help you select which band you think would be a great fit for your wedding music! If you’re not sure, no worries! That’s what we’re here for! Reach out to let us know a little bit more about what you’re looking for and we’ll share some ideas on how to make your wedding music timeless and memorable.


Looking for more information on our list of NYC Jazz Bands?  Each NYC Jazz Band below offers their very own experience and sound.  Feel free to click the name of each band to be taken to a more detailed description of that band.

The Evergreen Jazz Band

After meeting at the Brooklyn Jazz Scene, the members of this band formed the famous Evergreen Jazz Band.  With a heavy focus on vintage jazz music, The Evergreen Jazz Band can take you back to the 1930s and 1940s!

Four-Ever Yours String Quartet

This all-woman quartet will bring a unique sound to your event.  The group beautifully fuses together classical and jazz music to serenade you as you walk down the aisle. This NYC Jazz Band specializes in classical style music, redefining your vision of elegance.

The Smoke Rings

Sarah King’s beautiful vocals leads this popular and highly sought after NYC Jazz Band. Not only do they specialize in vintage jazz music with tracks from The Great American Songbook; they bring forth an energy filled with wit, positivity, and pizzazz. 

Love Charley

Are you a Great Gatsby fan?  Do you love the 1920s?  If so, Love Charley is the band for you.  This Gilded Age band will have you reliving your favorite flapper dress scenes with their incredibly soothing NYC Jazz Music.     

The Alex Levin Trio

I’ve been playing in the NYC Jazz Scene for over 17 years. Along with running Alex Levin Music, I continue my passion for playing jazz music with The Alex Levin Trio.

The Lovesome

This Soulful Jazz and Vintage R&B NYC Jazz Band will have you celebrating your favorite music from the 1940s through 1970s. We draw inspiration from the wonderful music of Ray Charles. With an incredible range of vocals from the lovely Kelsey Jillette, your ears will be in heaven!

Street of Dreams Jazz Band

This NYC Jazz Band prides themselves on playing lush and romantic music from the 1930s.  Notorious for playing at NYC Cocktail Hours, NYC Corporate Events, and NYC Jazz Clubs…this band can play at any function.

The Vipers

This large 9 piece band is the the original Brooklyn-based early jazz, swing, and blues band. They’re known for rocking receptions with a jazzy flair getting guests of all ages up on their feet and dancing!

The B# Trio

This NYC Jazz Band Trio is a finger-snapping and toe-tapping 30’s and 40’s jazz trio that features jazz trumpet favorite, Ryo Sasaki. Featuring jazz favorite Ryo and his superb trumpet playing skills, the B# (Be Sharp–get it?) Trio is a wonderfully charming ensemble that will transport your guests to jazz’s heyday in the 1930’s and 40’s.

Be sure to peek at the full Alex Levin Music roster to view other jazz wedding music and event bands! Also, inquire about our event and wedding music packages!

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Alex Levin Music is known for representing NYC Jazz Bands, NYC Wedding Bands, Philadelphia Wedding Bands, New Jersey Wedding Bands, New York Wedding Bands, Long Island Wedding Bands, Brooklyn Wedding Bands, Queens Wedding Bands, Top Wedding Bands NYC, Jazz Bands For Events in NYC, and the Best Wedding Bands NYC.  Finally, The Alex Levin Trio is Alex’s personal NYC Jazz Band under the Alex Levin Music Agency. 

How do you know so much about wedding music? 

The Alex Levin Music Agency has provided top-notch quality service for over fifteen years. We pride ourselves on providing an award-winning luxury service to all of our clients and couples. Our roster features the BEST Jazz and Swing Bands that perform nationally, frequenting New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Our groups also have performed Internationally. Alex Levin Music is famous for our elegance, professionalism, and personable support. Whether you’re looking for music for an intimate or large gathering, we can’t wait to add a unique and timeless touch to your event!

You can book any of the incredibly talented bands in this guide, so be sure to reach out to lock in your dream band, and we’ll be sure to be in touch!


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