NYC’s 7 Best Jazz Clubs

NYC’s 7 Best Jazz Clubs

Jazz is a powerful and artistic medium that allows its audience to relax and enjoy the ambiance of beautiful instrumental music.  There is nothing more relaxing after a long days work than being able to sit down with a drink in hand and the sound of brass instruments playing in the background.  We want to share our love of Jazz with you by showcasing what we feel are the NYC’s 7 Best Jazz Clubs.

NYC's 7 Best Jazz Clubs - Alex Levin

1). Smalls

Created in 1994 by the legendary Mitchell Borden, Smalls is nostalgic and intimate Jazz bar that will be around for years to come.

The original Smalls was an empty basement with no liquor license, where customers could pay $10.00 to enter with their own beer.  Now it’s a thriving Jazz business with an international presence.

Located at 183 W. 10 St, the typical cover charge is $20.00; however, students get in for only $10.00.


2). Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room

A newer bar that has only been around since 2013, but has already made a distinguished name for itself.  Bo’s is famous for their handcrafted and exquisite cocktails, that can be custom made to the customer’s liking.

In the mood for some tasty food, Bo’s serves a delectable American Tapas menu with New Orleans inspired recipes.  Located at 6 W. 24 St, Bo’s makes for both an excellent date spot and/or a great place to bring your friends on the weekend.  It’s a mix of the music, food, and cocktails that put this bar on our list of NYC’s 7 Best Jazz Clubs.


3). The Village Vanguard

You won’t find any other Jazz Club that respects the long history, rich aesthetic, and culture that the NYC Jazz scene represents, as much as The Village Vanguard does.

The Village Vanguard opened up in 1939 under Max Gordon who ran the bar until he died in 1989.  In 2015, this bar celebrated their 80th-year reunion with special guest Lorraine Gordon, Max’s 91- year old widow.

Located at 178 7 Ave South, you’ll want to make sure to check out this bar so you understand why we added it to our NYC’s 7 Best Jazz Clubs list.


4). Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola

Live Jazz, Seasonal Cocktails, Southern Food, and a stunning view of the beauteous Manhattan Skyline is why Dizzy’s Club is the place to be.  Dizzy’s brings in the most notable performers from all around the world that grace the stage with their music.

Located at 10 Columbus Circle on the 5th floor of the Frederick P. Rose Hall (part of Lincoln Center), cover charges are typically $20-$40 on the weekdays and $40-$45 on Fridays and Saturdays.


5). Mezzrow Jazz Club

Named after Milton “Mezz” Mezzrow, this Jazz club screams New York City in every fashion.  “Mezz”, a juvenile delinquent, was introduced to Jazz and Blues during his time in jail.

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village at 163 W. 10 St, Mezzrow is a Jazz Venue, Listening Room, and intimate lounge.  People come from all over to experience the social atmosphere located in Mezzrow.


6). Birdland

Located at 315 W. 44 St, Birdland is known for its spacious atmosphere, extensively long bar, and mouthwatering Cajun-inspired food.

The original Birdland opened up sixty years ago under Charlie Parker, who headlined at the bar on a nightly basis.  The bar quickly became famous for it’s double and triple bills, with some shows playing into the morning.  It’s this bit of history that puts this bar in our list of NYC’s 7 Best Jazz Clubs.


7). Smoke

Located at 2751 Broadway, this Jazz Bar is known for its mix of Jazz, Blues, the occasional bit of Latin Music, and the delicious food.  With candlelit tables, vintage chandeliers, and velvet banquets, you can expect nothing but pure class when entering this bar.

This bar claims to have the best acoustics in all of New York City.  Don’t believe us?  Check out this historic Jazz Bar yourself and let us know what you think.






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