The Smoke Rings: A Legendary NYC Jazz Band

Elegant, Lively, and Vibrant are three of the many adjectives that define the legendary NYC Jazz Band, The Smoke Rings.

Smoke Rings - NYC Jazz Band - Alex Levin Music

The Smoke Rings: The Acclaimed Album

Now entering their seventh year together as a band, the group released an acclaimed album in 2016. The album features swing cover music from notable musicians such as: Duke Ellington, Vincent Youmans, Irving Mills, Tiny Bradshaw, and even H.E. Gifford.  So, take a look at The Smoke Rings website for a copy of this must have album.

The Smoke Rings: The Performances

The Smoke Rings have played at a variety of venues across the nation. From performing in front of large crowds in El Paso, Texas; to performing in cities throughout Pennsylvania; the group is most known for playing Weddings and Intimate Venues throughout New York City.

With a heavy focus on 30’s and 40’s swing music, this band will make you feel as if you traveled back in time to the era of Tailored Suits and Radio Broadcasts from The Rainbow Room. Looking to have this time traveling experience relatively soon? The Smoke Rings perform regularly at ‘The Top of the Standard’ in the famous ‘Boom Boom Room’. You can pretty much guarantee that you’ll hear tunes played with charm and pizzazz from the popular Great American Song Book.

The Smoke Rings: The Band

The rhythm section of this band is comprised of Alex Levin or Stefan Vasnier on the Piano, Greg Rugierro on the Guitar, Scott Ritchie on the Bass, and Ben Cliness on the Drums. However, the band headlines the absolutely stunning vocalist, Sarah King. Let’s talk about Sarah King’s talent in a little more in detail.

The Smoke Rings: Sarah King

Sarah King has a voice that will send shivers down your spine, causing your standards of Jazz music to change entirely. Along with her modern-vintage infused vocals, Sarah King’s passion and connection to her music are what captures her listeners. This passion is manifested in her eyes, as she belts crisp and clear notes to the music of her band.

To conclude:  If you are looking for the best NYC Jazz Band for your Wedding or next corporate event, then look no further then Sarah King and The Smoke Rings.