Surprise Your Guests with a Wedding Dance

Close friends, family members, or loved ones often organize a surprise dance for the couple at their wedding. But couples can surprise their guests too!

A surprise dance is fun for the couple, but everyone should have a good time on your big day, and a surprise dance can do that for you.

Of course, you’ll need great music to pull this off, which is why you should hire a live wedding band to perform at the wedding.

The band will play great music to make your surprise dance one of the wedding’s best and most unique parts of your wedding celebration. The few but essential tips below will help you pull off a great surprise dance!



  • Know The Right Time

If you’re planning to hire professional dancers, be sure they come in at the right time. For example, no one should interrupt your first dance. And when it comes to how long the dance should be, a maximum of four minutes is okay.


  • Be Decent

There will be different people at your wedding so you must choose music and a dance that will appeal to everyone. There should be nothing explicit about the dance or choreography. And have your live band play music and sing songs with proper lyrics.


  • Create Room

Any form of dancing needs adequate space. Be sure to hire a venue with enough space to avoid accidents or damage to the wedding décor.


  • Be Inclusive

One way to make your surprise dance fun is by making your guests a part of it. First, include them according to age groups, starting with kids; then move on to your bridal party, the groomsmen, your family, etc.


A surprise wedding dance can be pulled off with the right kind of music to back it up. So, hire any of Alex Levin Music Agency’s award-winning bands to perform at your wedding or event!

Each band will bring something special to your wedding because they are some of New York’s best live jazz and swing bands!

Our bands will play and thoroughly entertain you and your guests at your wedding, party, and corporate event. Alex Levin Music will be happy to oblige if you want a solo pianist, a quartet, or something larger. Click here to contact us!

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