Tips To Open the Dance Floor Successfully With A Live Jazz Band!

When planning your wedding, finding the perfect New York live jazz band is vital to keep the dance floor packed!

A live jazz wedding band can provide a unique atmosphere that your guests won’t soon forget and will make sure you have an unforgettable evening of music and dancing! Here are some tips on ensuring your wedding is a success!

  • Consider Your Song Choices

When selecting songs for your live jazz band, pick those that appeal to all ages and will get people up out of their seats.

While more contemporary tracks might seem like they would be better suited for getting people dancing, classic favorites are often more effective in creating an energized atmosphere!


  • Rehearse with Your Band

Make sure you and your wedding band have practiced together before the night of the wedding so all runs smoothly.

Rehearsing is especially important if you plan on doing choreographed dances with your wedding party.


  • Utilize the Band’s Experiences

Professional live jazz bands are well-versed in creating a great atmosphere on the dance floor. Ask your wedding band for suggestions based on their experience performing at weddings and other events!


Follow these tips, and we guarantee your New York live jazz band will get everyone up and have a great time!

A live jazz wedding band will help make your special day unforgettable by keeping the dance floor packed throughout the night. And that’s what Alex Levin Music will do for you!

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