Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Wow Your Guests

There are many ways to entertain your guests. From brilliant fireworks to setting up food stations and ending the night with a delightful playlist, you have a wealth of options at your disposal. Here are five ways to make sure your guests have the time of their lives!



  • Fireworks

If your venue and budget allow it, why not delight your guests with a lovely display of fireworks? Fireworks are the perfect way to end a wedding celebration.


  • Photo Booth

Photo booths are common at weddings, and that’s because they are fun. Set a photo booth to allow guests to take photographs that can be instantly printed.


  • Casino

A unique entertainment idea is to set up casino tables at your wedding reception. This is a great way to get the adults to have fun and even win prizes.


  • Food Stations

Setting up food stations like an ice cream stall, popcorn station, tacos truck is a perfect way to enhance the vibe at your wedding.


  • Palm Reader

Hiring a palm reader for your event is a great way to create fun for your guests. In addition, your guests will be interested in finding out their future and seeing what the palm reader says about them.


  • Choreography

Another entertainment idea is performing a dance routine to get a reaction from the crowd. You can team up with a professional dance troupe or take lessons from online videos. Some couples often perform with some of their guests to make it even more entertaining.


  • Children Coloring Station

Unless you have a no-kid rule, expect kids as part of your guests. Consider setting up a coloring station with wedding-themed coloring cards to keep them busy and entertained.


  • Jazz Band

Last but not least, hire a jazz band! It’s a great way to get people on their feet and have fun all night.


A live band like the Alex Levin Trio is a sure way to get a packed dance floor! Or, you can select any of our other talented live jazz and swing bands to perform at your wedding, party, or corporate event.

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